I help freedom driven people who are considering if business and entrepreneurship is for them, empowering them to come to the right decision that fits with their vision for their life and their family. Together we work on building the self-belief, courage and trust needed to feel confident and committed in taking the kind of action that will propel your ideas and business forward towards success.


I am inspired by those of us who want to build our own legacies, strike out on own own and make big changes in this world. Starting your own business is a scary proposition. "I don't have the time!" is it the right time? "i don't have the money!" how will the family survive? "my friends and family won't support me!" is that true, where is your support? There a thousand questions you could ask yourself and a million different ways you can think that will stop you from making the right decision about starting your own business. Don't let any of them stop you from reaching out and getting the help that will ultimately empower you to making the right decision for you, your family and your destiny.

Work Together

Working together we look at your circumstances and situation, your ideas and your time frames. your habits and behaviours, your beliefs and desires. We'll work on your 'why' your 'vision' your 'who' and your 'what' We answer the negative aspects of your thinking and leave you clear and focused on making the right decisions for you, your dependants and your future. Although I am not a business coach, when you are ready we then get into the business itself. What structures will you need, what goals need to be set everything you need to prepare for when you step into the world of the entrepreneur. You will be supported by me and my network throughout the whole of your journey and wherever I can help to further your business through connections or ideas then it will be my pleasure to do so.


A great coach and very motivating! Really takes the time to listen and give motivating feedback!

- Jez Andrews, Multiple business owner

After just a few sessions with Scott I've already had a lot of aha moments and been able to change my thinking and increase my focus...thank you.

- Jacky Vincent, Network Marketer

Scott is a kind and open-hearted person, who, through his life-coaching, has given me hope on my journey towards self-acceptance and love. His subtle style allows me to discuss my feelings at length, which is a therapy in itself. The precision of his timing in which he offers his insights, asks me key questions, and steers the conversation in certain directions, has resulted in some crucial discoveries about who I am, what makes me tick, and what I need to do next. Thank you Scott. Xx

- LG., Writer and Artist

Scott is a passionate, enthusiastic coach who is able to offer the right level of challenging questions to get you to move forwards in a way you may not have noticed was possible previously. He is able to tailor his style to suit the individual and is focused on your success

- BMR, Author, Business owner, Coach

I've had a couple of coaching sessions before and I have to say they do not come close to professional style and ease of interaction I received from Scott mooney. I left the session feeling both received and optimistic about all areas discussed.

- AD, Logistics

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